[pmwiki-users] PITS passwords

Marcus prima at wordit.com
Sat Jul 19 21:46:09 CDT 2008

I've set up PITS on a site with site-wide admin passwords, and moderation on.
I would like to exclude the PITS group from requiring the edit
password, so visitors can submit bug reports. However, moderation
(publish password) remains on to prevent spammers and vandals.

When I put "clear" into the edit password box for PITS.GroupAttributes
it doesn't clear the site-wide edit password for group PITS. However,
if I enter a new password for the group, e.g. "foo", then that
password does override the site-wide password.

What do I need to do to clear the edit password only for this group?

I'm running -beta65 on this site.



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