[pmwiki-users] finding lines with space in front

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Jun 17 10:13:06 CDT 2008

> I beg I forgot a blank space in front of some long line, but can't
> find it.
> as a more general solution, could it be possible to have such line
> with a grey background, like mediawiki?

An alternate solution would be to turn off the special treatment of lines
beginning with a space.  Quoting from Sandy from some time ago on this list:

There are probably spaces at the beginning of the line. The old default
was that spaces meant <pre>. (There was talk of changing the default.)

 From the sample config file:

##  Some sites may want leading spaces on markup lines to indicate
##  "preformatted text blocks", set $EnableWSPre=1 if you want to do
##  this.  Setting it to a higher number increases the number of
##  space characters required on a line to count as "preformatted text".
# $EnableWSPre = 0;  # PmWiki 2.2.0 default (disabled)
# $EnableWSPre = 1;  # lines beginning with space are preformatted
# $EnableWSPre = 4;  # lines with 4 spaces are preformatted

So, set it = 0. (Unless, of course, some of your authors have
intentionally used this feature, in which case you have a decision to make.)

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