[pmwiki-users] finding lines with space in front

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Jun 17 11:23:36 CDT 2008

I find (by chance) a very nice solution, and tracked the problem...

* solution:

May be this only works in the triad skin? Edit the text, do "preview". 
In this mode all the lines are wrapped except the offending ones. 
These one don't wrap and god through the right window side, easy to 
see. Remember, in normal view the window is expended as much as 
necessary to fit the offendig line, so it's difficult to see which is 

* tracking the problem.

I have two different problems:

one very difficult to get. from mediawiki source, I had lines like this

  some sort of line with blank in front \
   other sort of line \

the "\" was taken into account *before* the blank, giving one only 
long line. Using [@ @] fixed the problem

I had several

    * list line

that is lists with several blancs in front *in the source*. This is 
not good in PmWiki (but works in mediawiki). It's difficult to find 
because having blanks in the text you read is normal everywhere except 
in pmwiki source..

anyway easy to find with the first item


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