[pmwiki-users] Recipe Update: Fox - enhancing PTV handling

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Mar 1 08:49:21 CST 2008

With the last two updates to fox.php the PTV handling has been
substantially enhanced and improved by adding the capability to Add
as well as Update PTV. This makes it possible to use the same form
for initially creating PTVs on a page, and subsequently updating these
with new values.

For info and download see http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Fox

Some of the details:

* Added full multi-page processing for PTV add & update, which allows
  ptv parameters to be set per target, by major reworking of
  functions FoxTargetList, FoxTargetDefaults and FoxPTVUpdate,
  and the target array process (affecting many other functions).
* Added (:foxptv Target ptv-options... :) markup.
* Added addition of new PTVs if PTVs do not exists on target page
  but are specified with the ptvfields= parameter.
* Added ptvfmt= option to set different PTV formats for the addition of
  PTVs (default is hidden PTV format (:PTVName:Value:).
* Added $FoxClearPTVFmt variable.
* Added ptvclear= option to allow clearing of PTV values.
* Added var $EnableFoxPTVDelete (default is false)
  to allow PTV deletion by saving a delete key keyword to the PTV.
* Added variable $FoxPTVDeleteKey, default is 'ERASEPTV'.

Your feedback and suggestions are as usual most welcome and much
needed! Thank you!


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