[pmwiki-users] brainstorm.ubuntu.com

Martin Kerz martin at kerz.org
Sat Mar 1 09:15:55 CST 2008

Do you have an idea, how something like brainstorm.ubuntu.com could be  
implemented in pmwiki?

I would create a dedicated group (ideas) in which every proposal has  
it's own page. The page name should be automatically generated and  
have a unique number. Idea #4 will have the pagename: Ideas.4

So far so good. I guess the automatic numbering could be achieved by  
using newpageboxplus.

Every page should have a PTV, probably called "votes".

On Ideas.HomePage, I would display a pagelist displayed by title,  
together wth the first lines of the page and, seperately, the value of  
$votes, sorted by $votes.

The only tricky part would be to implement the up and down arrows to  
increment or decrement $votes for the specific title from the pagelist  
_and_ from within the page itself. Does anyone have an idea how to  
properly implement this?

Combine this with commentbox, and you should have a similar feature  
like brainstorm.ubuntu.com

Is there any interest in a recipe for this?

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