[pmwiki-users] 404 not found with IE7 only ???

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Sun Mar 2 01:21:33 CST 2008

>  **intermittent** "404 Not Found" on many pages with Internet Explorer only
>  I suspect it has someting to do with the page names mades of digits
>  only, as there are no 404 errors for other groups using page names
>  containing letters.

>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000873
>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000874
>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000875
>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000876

I found a workaround by adding an '&' character at the end of the links.

I am still wondering what the problem really is.  Any clue ?


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