[pmwiki-users] 404 not found with IE7 only ???

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Sun Mar 2 03:43:46 CST 2008

>>  **intermittent** "404 Not Found" on many pages with Internet Explorer only
>>  I suspect it has someting to do with the page names mades of digits
> >  only, as there are no 404 errors for other groups using page names
> >  containing letters.

>>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000873
>>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000874
>>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000875
>>  http://www.mot.be/w/1/index.php/IDDOCNl/00000876

After hours of testing, it appears I can only reproduce the problem
when using Internet Explorer, and when it displays the 404 error page,
after some "refresh"  (F5), the page is finally displayed.

I cannot relate the problem directly to PmWiki, as it is not even
called when Apache returns 404 (and it does, it is logged).  Nor to
Apache, which returns the page correctly with non IE browsers...

It looks like an IE oddity, but a workaround would be much appreciated...

Thank you in anticipation for any help.


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