[pmwiki-users] 404 not found with IE7 only ???

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Sun Mar 2 07:16:31 CST 2008

>>  **intermittent** "404 Not Found" on many pages with Internet Explorer only

I think I found the problem, and it might be related to a tricky (?)
use of  PmWiki.

When PmWiki is requested to display the page MyGroup.MyPage, and
MyPage is not present, but MyGroup.GroupHeader exists, then having

$DefaultPageTextFmt =   '';
$LinkPageCreateFmt  = "<a class='linktext' rel='nofollow'

will allow to dynamically handle the request in the page
MyGroup.GroupHeader: the content of MyGroup.GroupHeader will be
displayed whatever the pagename is, and many interesting things like
MySQL queries can be started based on the pagename.

This works great, and PmWiki processes everything as expected EXCEPT
that because MyGroup.MyPage does not exist, it returns 404 (pmwiki.php
line 1517).  This should not be the case in this context, as there is
a real content generated.

Internet Explorer seems to take the 404 return code strictly, and does
not display the content generated by PmWiki, while Firefox and others

The workaround is to re-define

$PageNotFoundHeaderFmt = 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK';

Should PmWiki be adapted to handle this special case and not retrun
404 when some content is returned ?


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