[pmwiki-users] Music Recipe Update - Feedback - Question about pmwiki resolution

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 18:12:23 CST 2008

--- Patrick Ogay <lists at basel-inside.ch> wrote:

> Second Feedback:
> *mp3 and wav seem to be generated correctly, what I
> have seen on the places where I only used (:abcm:) 
> without parms.


> Is there a reason for the behavior, that all
> intermediat Files are deleted when making an "edit".
> For me it would be more sensefull to cleare the
> "Cache" bevor saving, and only when the contents 
> (the ABC-Notation) changes.

That certainly could be an optimization, but it may be
more complicated than just assuming a change on save. 

I would think that deletion on editing is not such a
big deal since editing often requires changes.  What
is the use case where this is annoying?  Is it because
you are editing wikitext outside of the abc notation? 
is it annoying because of the wav/mp3 generation takes
too long?

I am not sure that I want to pursue an extra path of
complexity trying to figure out whether a source has
changed or not.  If I see an important use case for
it, perhaps,

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