[pmwiki-users] Music Recipe - Error-Messages, abc2ps hangs up sometimes

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Mon Mar 10 09:52:13 CDT 2008

I'm very pleased with (:abcm:) thank you very much, Martin.

There is one general issue I like to discuss:

Sometimes abc2ps hangs up, and it's very difficult to guess why.
Mostly when correcting the errors reported in the appache-log, it works 

That means, that somebody who enters a piece mist  have access to 
apache's error.log.
I think the error-msg could be routed, and the error-file probably could 
be displayed as output
+errorfile (or something like that).

I'm also looking for a possiblility to start abc2ps with en expiration 
time (time, or cpu used)  - because in these cases I have to cancel the 
job manualy on the server.


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