[pmwiki-users] (German) translation of documentation

Christian Bartolomaeus bartolin at gmx.de
Tue Mar 11 08:32:15 CDT 2008


a few days ago Stefan and I started to update the German translation
of the documentation. It would be great to have more people helping.

But apart from this, I'd like to picture our approach. Maybe some of
you have helpful comments or could use some of our ideas for
translation to other languages.

Basically we decided to tag all pages in the PmWikiDe group with page
text variables. A sample page would look like:

  (:title Title of Page:)
  (:Summary: short summary of content:)
  (:Original_Page: PmWiki.PageName:)
  (:Translation_Date: 2008-03-11:)
  (:Translation_Status: %green%complete%%:)
  (:Audience: Authors (Basics):)
  Inhalt der Seite
  %%trail% <<|[[DocumentationIndex|Dokumentationsindex]]|>> 

Furthermore in PmWikiDe.GroupHeader we have lines like this:

  %define=audience class='frame rfloat' font-size:smaller %bgcolor=#ffc%

  [-%green%(German translation of [[{$:Original_Page}]], translated: {$:Translation_Date})-]

With page text variables defined we can use some page lists to have a
list of pages needing attention and so on (see [1]).

Also we put something like

  %comment% [[!TranslateMeToGerman]] %%

near those paragraphs or items we have to translate. That way we can
use a category page to list all pages containing untranslated text.
Searching for 'TranslateMeToGerman' in the edit window we can easily
find the relevant items.

Comments and suggestions are very appreciated!

Best regards


[1] http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWikiDe/StandDer%dcbersetzung

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