[pmwiki-users] Reorganising our PMWiki?

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Mar 24 14:23:50 CDT 2008

Nicholas Buttle wrote:
> Hi
> We've got around 10 items to choose from on our front
> page menu and each item has a corresponding PMwiki
> category/group.  We want to simplify this so that
> there's just 3 links of the front page menu.
> Is there an easy way of moving pages from one
> group/category to another?  Can we just rename the
> files? eg GroupA.Page1 to GroupB.Page1

There once was a recipe, which I didn't try myself, for renaming pages, 
which would also do all the links.

When you're all done, use refcount to find links you didn't catch, and 
orphaned pages.



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