[pmwiki-users] Problems showing long wikipages

Laurent Meister meister at apfelwiki.de
Wed Mar 12 03:39:40 CDT 2008

Hello everybody,

we have problems with a very long page with a lot of tables: http://www.apfelwiki.de/Tests/WordAlternativenTest02

Normaly the page contains two further sections, but if I add them to  
the page above, they won't be displayed (nor saved I guess). I tried  
it on a second (seperate) wiki on the same serve without any cookbook- 
recipes activated to test, if there is the problem, but i got the same  

Trying to post the whole page on the sandbox of pmwiki.org works just  
fine. So where can be the problem? Does someone have an idea?

Thx for helping

Laurent (kt007)

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