[pmwiki-users] Problems showing long wikipages

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Wed Mar 12 03:46:08 CDT 2008

Laurent Meister a écrit :
> Hello everybody,
> we have problems with a very long page with a lot of tables: http://www.apfelwiki.de/Tests/WordAlternativenTest02
> Normaly the page contains two further sections, but if I add them to
> the page above, they won't be displayed (nor saved I guess). I tried
> it on a second (seperate) wiki on the same serve without any cookbook-
> recipes activated to test, if there is the problem, but i got the same
> error.
> Trying to post the whole page on the sandbox of pmwiki.org works just
> fine. So where can be the problem? Does someone have an idea?
> Thx for helping
> Laurent (kt007)

there is a module (php or apache, I don't remember - not pmwiki), 
security related that limits the lenght of any page

it can be removed, but as I't a security problem, I prefered to keep it


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