[pmwiki-users] Upgraded Fox and FoxCommentBox now Fails

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 12 13:08:15 CDT 2008


I'm very happy with Fox.

I just replaced my original fox.php version 2007-12-22  with the new 
fox.php version 2008-03-11

I restarted the webserver.

I now have a problem with FoxCommentBox

Instead of FoxCommentBox working normally,  i.e user fills in some text 
- submits it to a page for viewing, now when the user submits the text 
nothing actually appears on the target page AND
on the target page instead of the "Delete" links that were on the target 
page with old fox.php the page now shows {(:cell PQA(PSS(foxdelrange 
1203499230a43780b0  pagename ):)}

I guess the "upgrade" is not as simple as switching over files as I hoped.

I put the old version back and all is well again but I want to use the 
newer features that Fox provides.

btw config.php contains ...........

#Include commentbox
#Fox Forum

Thanks in advance


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