[pmwiki-users] Can I edit Wiki Calnedar link format?

posti at taavi.org posti at taavi.org
Wed Mar 12 14:56:34 CDT 2008


I got an idea with my personal wiki. I'm using wikicalendar to make a
basic structure for my wiki. I have a system with only one group. I'd like
to make backing up easier so that I'll have one group for every year. For
this I'd need to get wiki calendar links changed in format: 
Group.MonthDay (Group.0313). I can't find out from the code how to do it.

My idea is to get Groups like Wiki2007, Wiki2008, Wiki2009 etc. I have
Wiki Calendar in the sidebar. So I'd like to get links from Calendar going
like Wiki2008.0313 etc.

I looked at feralsimplecalendar and I could get it to do the links as I
wanted, but then I'd have to figure out how to browse from month to
another and from year to another - and that's far away from my skills.

Can you get my idea and what I'm aiming at? Can you help me?


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