[pmwiki-users] GET/POST generated by a windows client/server tool

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Wed Mar 12 17:34:31 CDT 2008


I'm testing a very popular tool in France that can be used to develop 
GUI&database applications on windows.

There is one instruction that can be used to 'connect' to internet and play 
with get&post to simulate inputs, ..
ie : If I want to simulate the 'POST' login/password process on the Pmwiki 
login page, I just have to run the following :

StrParam is a string
StrParam = "authid=steph"
StrParam += "&authpw=pword"
Res = 

It works, ..

I now want to extend the use of this concept and update a page, ...  I use 
the same mechanism, ...

StrParam = "basetime=1205318858"
StrParam += "&text=toto"
StrParam += "&csum=textwindev"
StrParam += "&author=steph"
StrParam += "&diffclass=minor"

Res = 

This action does not generate what I expect, ... the page is displayed but 
the text is not updated, ... I have no warning, no error message, ...

Are the 5 POST variables above the correct one ? (basetime, text, csum, 
author, diffclass)
Is there something else that is mandatory ?

Thanks for your comments


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