[pmwiki-users] Foxnotify question

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Mar 12 18:28:23 CDT 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 11:06:33 PM, Graham Archer wrote:

>  I'm not sure I understand what the

> (:foxtemplate "{$$comment}":)
>  is doing.

Fox uses a template to add or replace etc. content on a target place.
For instance if fox adds content (it is the default), then all
content of the template will be added, somewhere according to the
put= parameter (default is 'bottom').

The template  "{$$comment}" means that the input from field named
'comment' is the content to be added. {$$var} is a replacement or
substitution variable, taking the value from input fields usually, or
being evaluated.

You can use simple templates with the (:foxtemplate "string....":)
variable (the ".." are needed), or complex multiline templates from
template pages or page sections.

But note the email template FoxNotify uses works a little different.

Try this:
change the entry in FoxNotifyLists.ListA to

notify=emailaddres format=#comment

Since you use a field 'comment' the value will be used by the email
notification and inserted into the email body.
This is determined by FoxNotifyLists.FoxNotifyTemplates
At present the email body format can be changed with the format=
parameter, but not the subject or headers of the email.


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