[pmwiki-users] Diff/merge-friendly PageStore format (linebreaks)

Oliver Betz OBetz at despammed.com
Thu Mar 13 18:19:59 CDT 2008

Martin Fick wrote:


>I do not think that this would be very hard, it

...for the expert. PHP is rather new to me, usually I handle bits and
bytes and machine cycles in _small_ embedded stuff.

>probably '''would''' be worth the effort for some. 
>Certainly this could be done as a simple recipe, the
>PageStore class is designed specifically to make this
>easy by overriding it.

Patrick Michaud already mentioned this.

>> I also have no mature suggestion about possible
>> implementations. What about starting continuated 
>> lines with a special character (let it be
>> the space character, asterisk or whatever)?
>This would be very easy to implement, but perhaps an
>even more useful method would be to use something like
>what multipart mimes do, or even more appropriate,

PhpWiki uses the multipart mime technique at least in it's dump

It looks cleaner, but maybe it's mode expensive. I'm not sure.

To guarantee a "unique" separator, one had to check for collisions
with the page text.

You know the Firefox issue with the message delimiter? Well,
"--Message-Boundary-31415926537" is rather unlikely to be in the page
text compared to "From" used in the mbox format. And they simply got
the escaping wrong.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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