[pmwiki-users] To all Fox users

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Mar 15 14:58:35 CDT 2008

I am considering a big change in how Fox gets configured, and would
like your feedback on this please.

At present fox.php has  a bunch of global configuration variables set
with SDV. Customisations to any of these need to be done before
fox.php is included. This leads to problems when one wants to set
customisations via a local/Group.php or local/Group.Page.php file
and fox.php is included in the config.php file. Any such
customisations are ignored, because they come too late. And an admin
may not even be aware of this, which may lead to unwanted security

So I am thinking of changing all this by using a single array variable
$Fox (or $FoxConfig?) for all configuration settings,
and the defaults are set with SDVA in fox.php.
That way one can set configurations after the fox.php script is included.
local/Group.php and local/Group.Page.php settings will work.

But it means a change to all existing configurations is needed.

For instance

  $FoxAuth = 'read';

would need to be changed to something like

  $Fox['auth'] = 'read';

Is this a good idea, even though it breaks existing configuration
settings? Is there another solution?
What do you think?


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