[pmwiki-users] Music Recipe - Error-Messages, abc2ps hangs up sometimes

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 14:43:31 CDT 2008

--- Patrick Ogay <lists at basel-inside.ch> wrote:
> I just tryed the new version of content recipe. It
> work's fine.

Great! :)
> From point of view of my entering procedure, I 
> enter the ABC code and preview and correct it.
> with action=contentlog, I can only see the logfile,
> when saving the file.
> So a output-type "abclog" would be more practical
> for my purpose (but it's no problem, because I have 
> server access).

Ah, yes, I hadn't thought about previews and logfiles,
I will give more thought to this.  Your suggested
simple solution is noted.

There is, however another greater problem with
previews that you are alluding to below.  I will
explain below, but perhaps a better solution in the
interim is to use the save & edit feature for
large/problematic pieces instead of using the preview

> ***
> I compiled a very big music, a comlex ABC example
> from the internet 
> I really takes a eternity  to process 17
> pages/pictures for the online output.

Yes, previews have a serious drawback which I am not
sure can be overcome, I will think about it more.  The
basic problem is that previews do not take advantage
of caching.  This is actually a worse performance
problem than it sounds like at first, let me explain.

Imagine a large abcm score that needs to be converted
to the default types, that includes at least the
following: ps, ppm, gif, midi, wav, mp3, vorbis.  Now
realize that in order to decide whether to render a
link for a particular type, the content recipe has to
actually generate the output for that particular type.
 This means that all the output types need to be
generated just to create the wiki page that links to
them!  Normally, with caching this is no big deal
since the output will just be cached and used later
on.  But also, the caching is used during the first
pass, here's how:  in order to create: ps, ppm, gif,
midi, wav, mp3, vorbis, the following independent
conversions occur when no caching is involved:
abcm2ps, abcm2ps/ps2ppm, abcm2p2/ps2ppm/ppm2gif,
abcm2midi, abcm2midi/midi2wav,
abcm2midi/midi2wav/wav2vorbis.  Notice the many
redundant conversions: abcm2ps, abcm2midi, ps2ppm,
abcm2mid, mid2wav!!!  This means a really long
execution time for previews.

I will ponder this problem along with the other
preview problems that you have pointed out, but I
would not anticipate a quick solution.  Again, I would
suggest save & edit for large pieces.



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