[pmwiki-users] Music Recipe - Error-Messages, abc2ps hangs up sometimes

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Mar 24 14:44:25 CDT 2008

Martin Fick wrote:
> --- Patrick Ogay <lists at basel-inside.ch> wrote:
>> I just tryed the new version of content recipe. It
>> work's fine.
> Great! :)
>> From point of view of my entering procedure, I 
>> enter the ABC code and preview and correct it.
>> with action=contentlog, I can only see the logfile,
>> when saving the file.
>> So a output-type "abclog" would be more practical
>> for my purpose (but it's no problem, because I have 
>> server access).
> Ah, yes, I hadn't thought about previews and logfiles,
> I will give more thought to this.  Your suggested
> simple solution is noted.

I tried Martin's program and loved it, but eventually found a simpler 

ABCedit works quite well for entering and testing the "score", before 
you put it on your site, and has the benefit of being on a single 
machine. (Mind you, if husband has muted SW Synth in the sound controls, 
having Martin's recipe convert it works better.)



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