[pmwiki-users] foxabort() question regarding foxcheck msg

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 14:57:42 CDT 2008


I'm using the (:foxcheck .... msg="error message":) in a foxform but
each time a check error is raised, the only one message which is
displayed is : "Please enter valid input!"

Looking at fox.php, line 1512, I see the foxabort() function is called
with this message as a parameter. ok. Now, looking at foxabort() code,
near line 1450, I can't find where $FoxMsgFmt is passed to

Shouldn't line 1450 :
$MessagesFmt[] = "<div class='wikimessage'>$msg</div>";
be replaced with :
$MessagesFmt[] = "<div class='wikimessage'>" . implode (' ' ',
$FoxMsgFmt) . "</div>";
or totally replaced by something like this  :
$MessagesFmt = array_merge($MessagesFmt, $FoxMsgFmt);

Please, excuse me if I'm totally wrong. I'm not a php guru. I just
can't find a way to display an error message. Is there an other
solution ?


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