[pmwiki-users] Error encountered with upgrade to 2.2 beta 65

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sun Mar 23 09:11:52 CDT 2008

Henrik a écrit :
> Correction:
> I just tried the same posting on other websites that still have PmWiki
> 2.1.27 with the same problem, so apparently it's independent of PmWiki.

or just the error is oresent on all pmwiki version?

> What could possible be generating this error?
> The workaround is to post protocols with parenthesis:
> [[(http:)//parkcommons.ca]] works. [[http://parkcommons.ca]] generates
> the error. So apparently something is parsing for protocol strings (http
> server?) with http put? All before it even reaches pmwiki scripts.

if true, you should post what system you are using (linux, solaris, 
windows...?) and what browser (firefox, opera, konqueror, IE... and 
what version)

best should be to give us access to a page where we could experiment 
(give a special passwd to this one page only eventually)

>>   Forbidden
>> You don't have permission to access /neighbourhood/wiki/wiki.php on this
>> server.

this looks like a *local* access (through neighbourhood...), not web


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