[pmwiki-users] How to report bugs

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Mar 24 14:16:10 CDT 2008

Simon wrote:
> Tegan
> this is an interesting point.
> I feel the questions page is more accessible than searching the mailing 
> list,
> and this links with previous discussions in that forum about how to 
> transfer knowledge from the mailing lists to PmWiki itself.
> thanks
> Simon

Without discussing the pros and cons of the Questions page, I recommend 
that _everyone_ who has a question answered through this group add the 
results to the main documentation if appropriate. If in doubt, it is add 
it. Most of the time, your experience is not unique. It will help the 
next person.

I put the onus on the asker, since it gets new users actively involved 
in the documentation, and most of the time it's a small group of people 
who respond; asking them to add to the documentation in addition to 
solving the problem is asking a lot.

Saying "asked / answered in the newsgroup on abc date" may be 
appropriate. It's certainly faster. I sometimes get too many hits when 
searching the newsgroup, so a date will help narrow it down.

Veterans who provide answers can encourage new users to do this.

The only downsides I see are:

- A large number of pages updated with essentially the same information, 
  but written from a different perspective.

- New users adding incorrect or incomplete information.

We have these risks already, and any advice coming from posts on this 
list will be fairly accurate.



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