[pmwiki-users] Reorganising our PMWiki?

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Mar 25 00:21:47 CDT 2008

> > Is there an easy way of moving pages from one
> > group/category to another?  Can we just rename the
> > files? eg GroupA.Page1 to GroupB.Page1
> There once was a recipe, which I didn't try myself, for 
> renaming pages, 
> which would also do all the links.

I believe the recipe you are referring to is Cookbook/RenamePage.

You can also rename multiple pages (including entire groups) using the
WikiSh command "mv GroupA.* GroupB".  Note that links are *not* updated (as
they are with RenamePage), but you also have search/replace capability with
"sed -i 's/searchfor/replacewith/' pages" and so you could presumably fix
links generically in that manner.

A WikiSh script like this *might* do what you want (you would copy this into
the WikiSh control panel and modify it from there):

for page in GroupA.*
   mv ${page} GroupB
   set newpage = `echo {$page} | sed 's/GroupA/GroupB'`
   sed -i 's/\[\[${page}(?=[\|\]])/${newpage}/' *.*

Or, more selectively on the search/replace (grep is a more efficient tool
for finding a regex):

for page in GroupA.*
   mv ${page} GroupB
   set newpage = `echo {$page} | sed 's/GroupA/GroupB'`
   sed -i 's/\[\[${page}(?=[\|\]])/${newpage}/' (grep -l
'\[\[${page}(?=[\|\]])' *.*)

Note I haven't tested that at all so you might want to work with it on a
page or 2 (for page in GroupA.Page1 GroupB.Page2) and check the results
before applying it to the whole group...

Are there other forms of links that need to be searched for besides
[[GroupA.Page1]] and [[GroupA.Page1|Display text]]?  Probably...

Note that mv loses all history in a page as it just moves the current text
of the page into the new page.


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