[pmwiki-users] Nice view naked mode implemention

Lucile Fievet lucile.fievet at eufar.net
Tue Mar 25 04:47:41 CDT 2008

Hy everybody,

I was also wondering also how was the good way to add a naked view mode?
Following my instinct :o) I added a view action on the print model, 
therefore I modified pmwiki.php, skin.php, and added a print like 
directory in /pub/skins/:
//L 149
$CacheActions = array('browse','diff','print',"view");
//L 180
$HandleActions = array(
   'browse' => 'HandleBrowse',
   'view' => 'HandleBrowse',
   'print' => 'HandleBrowse',
   'edit' => 'HandleEdit',
   'source' => 'HandleSource',
   'attr' => 'HandleAttr',
   'postattr' => 'HandlePostAttr',
   'logout' => 'HandleLogoutA',
   'login' => 'HandleLoginA');
$HandleAuth = array(
   'browse' => 'read', 'source' => 'read',
   'print' => 'read','view' => 'read',
   'edit' => 'edit', 'attr' => 'attr',
   'postattr' => 'attr',
   'logout' => 'read', 'login' => 'login');

//skin.php l 19
SDV($ActionSkin['view'], 'view');

But I guess this it is not the right way...(KISS rule violation :o)

I was wondering if I could add this sort of additional actions in my 
index.php or local/config.php or in the pmwiki/pub/skins/view/.... and 
stay in pmwiki good practice ?

I saw also a ViewModes in the cookbook

That may correspond with my needs ... What is the best/nicer/simplest way ?


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