[pmwiki-users] upgrade error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wikilink()

Mark Crane craniac at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 19:27:13 CDT 2008

I (foolishly, perhaps) installed the latest version of PmWiki on top of my
existing install, which was too old to support some of the anti-spam
features.  Now I get the following error:

*Fatal error*: Cannot redeclare wikilink() (previously declared in
/home/textomat/public_html/ecc/index.php:1069) in *
/home/textomat/public_html/ecc/scripts/wikiwords.php* on line *57*

Would I be better off just emptying the wiki directory completely, starting
over, and then re-importing my existing pages rather than trying to
troubleshoot this?

Thanks. It has been so long since I installed the original (a testament to
its reliability) that I have forgotten much of what I am doing.

The code in wikiwords.php is as follows:

## bare wikilinks
Markup('wikilink', '>urllink',
  "Keep('<span class=\\'wikiword\\'>'.WikiLink(\$pagename,'$0').'</span>',

function WikiLink($pagename, $word) {
  global $LinkWikiWords, $WikiWordCount, $SpaceWikiWords, $AsSpacedFunction,
    $MarkupFrame, $WikiWordCountMax;

I am not sure where to begin troubleshooting with this--thanks for any
nudges in the right direction.
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