[pmwiki-users] Regarding Accessing Page via Cookbook

Vaibhav Vaish vaibhav.vaish at gmail.com
Wed May 14 14:02:58 CDT 2008

  I am planning to use PmWiki as a web interface for teachers who
would be answering designated questions from students/others.
[[*** Relevant Details, Skip for quick look at my questions below ***]]
  We have a form where a student may submit a question. For technical
reasons, the form can't be modified - the back-end script just sends a
mail to the relevant account. Once a mail is received, I plan to enter
it using a filter to a *plain text* file, and then use
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ImportText recipe to integrate it
into the PmWiki structure. (A metadata file wrt each question: Who
asked it etc. will also be generated by the mail filter).

  My problem is regarding handling the submitted *answer*. Answer is
basically developed on this internal Wiki, and then needs to be
*Published*. On being Published I need to do three actions:

1. Generate a web archive of answer. (Can be in the PmWiki setup. Will
need to lock it down from future edits.)
2. Mail back to the Student (The basic objective).
3. Generate a Plain text archive of the answer. (This has to be there
to allow for myriad administrators in case they need to change

  Since I intend to use PmWiki AuthUser system (so that editing
features aren't availaible to just anyone), it has to be done via a

For Step 1:: I can do an ImportText on the step 3 generated. Step 2.
Will be simple as well if I have access to plain text.
[[*** End Details ***]]

So my specific questions are:
A. How can I test auth level of a user? (Specifically, I want to know
if user is member of a given group.).
B. How can I lock a page from future edits **from cookbook**?
C. How can I get **formatted** contents of a page. (Final resort can
be to use a print kind of template and just wget it, or something like
that -- but is there a better approach, specifically, not making a
seperate request to webserver).

Thanks in advance,

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