[pmwiki-users] Need help with Fox (form & template)

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 14:05:29 CDT 2008

Thank you Hans for your efficient suggestion !
The error message was about permission : I corrected my mistake according to
your configuration exemple and then have no more problem.

One more little question please : is there a way to translate the messages
given by (:foxcomment:) ?
Am I true if I say I have to collect every message in fox.php and then to
translate each one on my XLPage ?
$FoxMsgFmt[] = "Error: Target list is not in the group for FoxNotifyLists";
gives me on my XLPage :
'Error: Target list is not in the group for FoxNotifyLists' => 'My
translated message'

Thank you.

2008/10/5 Hans <design5 at softflow.co.uk>

> Saturday, October 4, 2008, 6:14:32 PM, ABClf wrote:
> > What I need is very basic I guess : I want the new page to be created
> with
> > all the data I wrote in the form, merged with the template.
> > I tried many many tests, changing and changing some parameters
> (especially
> > the «target») with no success.
> > Can someone help me by telling me what's wrong here and what's needed ?
> i have not ananlyzed your form and template.
> For troubleshooting i recommend you add
> (:foxmessages:) to th etop of your form page, and remove redirect=1
> (or disable it temporarily by changing it to xredirect=1)
> Stopping the redirect for testing is essential as only then you can
> get feedback messages from (:foxmessages:), which may giv eyou clues
> as to what goes wrong.
> If this does not show you a solution, you can try putting Fox in
> debuging mode, by changing near the top of fox.php
> $FoxDebug = 0; to some higher value, like $FoxDebug = 4;
> Again this needs redirect disabled. You will get an echoed output of
> various Fox variables. particular see if Fox shows the right target
> and template page values.
>  ~Hans

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