[pmwiki-users] monthly notifications of new pages / new uploads

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sun Oct 12 02:43:56 CDT 2008

hi sandy
thanks for the feedback
i've decided i don't trust the squelch feature enough (it doesn't  
seem tunable, i.e. how would one set it to send out an email on an  
exact date, like the first of the month?); instead i realized and  
implemented the following:

- i realized that the FoxNotify template allows you to (:include:)  
other pages (i didn't know that before), so i've included a page that  
pagelists all of the previous month's new uploads and new contributors.
- then i have foxnotify set up to send out the mailing whenever i  
save the edits on a particular page; so it's not automatic - i just  
have to go load and save this page at the beginning of the month, and  
it'll spit out the previous month's junk.

anyways, it's the best i could manage, and it's actually not all the  
bad for what i need, just barely short of the fantasy of an automated  

however, thanks again for the response and the advice.

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> From: Sandy <sandy at onebit.ca>
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> You can use the Notify recipe in the core. Yes, it has a squelch
> feature. You have to add each email separately, but you can make that
> email the mailing list address.
> I don't know about FoxNotify.
> Sandy
> adam overton wrote:
>> hi
>> is it possible to receive a monthly (or bi-weekly) notification that
>> lists all of the new pages that have been created since the last
>> notification? i have a site where folks are sharing files; with each
>> file they upload, they are also create a new page for the file.
>> i'd like to have an email automatically sent out to the site's
>> mailing list at the top of the month saying something like:
>> The following files/pages have been shared this month (or since Oct
>> 1st):
>> * blah.pdf - [[Blah/Index]], by So-and-So1
>> * blah2.pdf - [[Blah2/Index]], by So-and-So2
>> * blah3.pdf - [[Blah3/Index]], by So-and-So3
>> i'm actually on a mailing list for another site that does something
>> similar, but it's not pmwiki...
>> any suggestions on how to proceed? does something like this already
>> exist?
>> could it just be a matter of setting up a FoxNotify with a squelch
>> value equal to one-month's time?
>> many thanks!
>> adam

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