[pmwiki-users] RSS image tag oddity

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Sun Oct 12 04:42:46 CDT 2008

Running pmwiki-2.2.0-beta67.

When using ?action=rss,  the RSS attributes can be defined via
$FeedFmt['rss'], like $FeedFmt['rss']['feed']['TheTag']

However, the "image" tag does not appear to be handled like the
others: if you use the example on

$FeedFmt['rss']['feed']['image'] =
"<title>Logo title</title>

there is no "<image></image>" pair around the value defined, as for
the other tags.  The workaround is to add them in the value, but I
suspect it is not the expected behaviour.

Any clue ?


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