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david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 23 20:35:02 CDT 2008

thanks for the quick reply, however still no joy: -> If you manage your server, (gnu/linux) install the package "php5-gd"or "php-gd2", or (on windows) enable the "extension=php_gd2.dll" in the filephp.ini (remove the ; before it). Then restart the server. the server is used for our intranet at work so i enabled the extension and restarted the server. we are running php4 on m/s server 2003 pmwiki 2.2.0. the only thing i have yet to do is install php-gd2, i googled but was unable to find an installer for windows? -> Another possible problem could be that your files are too large; some serversmay be unable to resize pictures larger than 2 MPx (1600x1200). Does ithappen with all files or only with large ones? a sample picture -> 2059error.jpg: 707x532, 57k does not display, this is fairly small -> If you manage your server, you can increase the allowed memory in the filephp.ini : change the line "memory_limit = 32M ;" Then restart the server. tried this and restarted the server. again no joy. -> Another problem could be with file permissions or filenames with disallowedcharacters, however if you upload your file via PmWiki (?action=upload), thefilename and permissions should be fine.
all image files have been uploaded through the site so permissions and filenames should be acceptable.
-> Is there an address where I could take a look at it and test it?
unfortunately not as it's behind the work firewall, but i do have a test site on my site which i will try to recreate the problem on and report back. as for as the second question - making it site wide - that is certainly useful and i look forward to implementing it once i get the first part working! thanks again for your detailed reply david 
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