[pmwiki-users] mini not displaying image

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Sep 23 22:24:00 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 24 September 2008 03:35:02 david roundell wrote:
> thanks for the quick reply, however still no joy:
> -> If you manage your server, (gnu/linux) install the package "php5-gd"
> or "php-gd2", or (on windows) enable the "extension=php_gd2.dll" in the
> file php.ini (remove the ; before it). Then restart the server.
> the server is used for our intranet at work so i enabled the extension and
> restarted the server. we are running php4 on m/s server 2003 pmwiki 2.2.0.
> the only thing i have yet to do is install php-gd2, i googled but was
> unable to find an

The "php-gd2" package sometimes needs to be installed separately in GNU or 
other than Windows systems, so it doesn't apply to your server.

On Windows, you should have the gd2 extension with your PHP installation, you 
only need to edit the file php.ini and change the line:
  ; extension=php_gd2.dll
(and restart the server). Note that you should have the php_gd2.dll file in 
the php directory "extensions" among other php_*.dll files; if not, get it 
from php.net.

I just uploaded to the cookbook a new version which displays a message if the 
GD extension is not enabled, you can get it from the Cookbook at pmwiki.org 
or from my server: http://galleries.accent.bg/cookbook/mini.php .

Is the thumbnail created in the uploads directory? There should be a 
file "th00---2059error.jpg.jpg" in the same folder as 2059error.jpg.

Try with different pictures, in jpg, png and/or gif format, and different 

It may be usefull to try to load only the (broken) thumbnail from the webpage, 
by right-clicking on it and selecting "View image" or "Copy image location" 
or a similar command. There may be an error message shown. The location will 
end with:

There also may be some information in the server's error logs.


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