[pmwiki-users] Edit RecnetChanges

Ian MacGregor ianmacgregor at pobox.com
Tue Sep 30 18:01:55 CDT 2008

I'm setting up PmWiki for a friend. On my wiki I have all changes
limited to show only on Site/AllRecentChanges and hides the summary:

## Limit the RecentChanges pages to only Site.AllRecentChanges
$RecentChangesFmt = array(
  '$SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges' =>
    '* [[{$Group}.{$Name}]]  . . . $CurrentTime',

This shows all changes for all groups on the Site.AllRecentChanges page.

My friend would like all changes to go to the same page but she would
like to include the page summary on her Site/AllRecentChanges page. How
do I add the summary to the above code?
Rev. Ian MacGregor D.D., D.B.S.

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