[pmwiki-users] Simple blog question

Steven Benmosh wordz2u at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 13:11:47 CDT 2009

I am thinking of the easiest and simplest way of using PmWiki to blog
(without users' comments or anything), and what I have in mind is to create
a group called Blog, and either date my entries or order the pages by date
created on my blog group home page. I know there are scripts, but I prefer
to avoid more recipes and add-ons if I can.

Does anyone with Blog experience using PmWiki see something wrong with this
approach? My main concern is that I want my blog entries to be picked up by
Technorati or whoever crawls up the blogosphere. When I used WordPress, my
blog entries were listed in their directories. I want that to continue.


Check out my web site - www.words2u.net
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