[pmwiki-users] Simple blog question

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Apr 5 14:51:53 CDT 2009

Steven Benmosh wrote:
> I am thinking of the easiest and simplest way of using PmWiki to blog 
> (without users' comments or anything), and what I have in mind is to 
> create a group called Blog, and either date my entries or order the 
> pages by date created on my blog group home page. I know there are 
> scripts, but I prefer to avoid more recipes and add-ons if I can.
> Does anyone with Blog experience using PmWiki see something wrong with 
> this approach? 
There is nothing wrong with this approach. Take a look at the various 
cookbooks to get an idea of the various ways of making a blog 
(Cookbook/Blog). Some take a similar group-oriented approach. Others 
provide more functionality, but achieve the same result.

> My main concern is that I want my blog entries to be 
> picked up by Technorati or whoever crawls up the blogosphere. When I 
> used WordPress, my blog entries were listed in their directories. I want 
> that to continue.
Having search engines pick up your blog entries is known as Search 
Engine Optimization (SEO), and is largely independent of the approach 
you take. Google can provide more information, but make sure you have 
sensible titles, add some tags, and put some 'meta' tags on your site 
(clearly more to it than that, but that's the essence). Probably most 
important is making sure that other sites link to yours.

  ~ ~ Dave

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