[pmwiki-users] Howto go from PmWiki Demo Main.HomePage to BlogIt in 30 min?

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Apr 8 17:01:28 CDT 2009

Tim wrote:
> Dave,
> Thanks for the help, I am over the initial hurdle. I did have a problem with 
> the placement of the pmform.php. Between your
> msg and looking at the include_once path I put in config.php the problem was
> obvious.
Good. I updated the instructions to clarify this.

> I like those
>    calendar dates you have in the blog entries! 
well, those are a feature of the skin, and will appear when you create 
new blog entries. They don't appear on non-BlogIt pages, though.

> Having a couple of dummy pages
>    in the download would be a great and easy way to get things rolling for us
>    rookies.
I suspect that will cause more confusion than anything, but I'll 
certainly think about something along these lines to ease the way.

> RE:Regards to using glossyhue, its not just a personal choice thing, it really
>    isn't functional for the default-Main.HomePage, 
Does it look different to the test page here? If it does, you may have 
something in your setup that's not quite right.

> if there is a way to upload
>    a picture let me know I will do a screen capture. I actually like the 
>    glossyhue skin, it just doesn't translate right with this particular page
The way I'd do it is to upload it to an area on my hosted account, and 
then post the URL. Another way might be to use something like Flickr, or 
Picasa, if you have accounts there.

> I did get the Gemini Skin working like in Jay's (see ref in first post). I even
>  got the BlogCalendar insterted, but I have a few followup questions regarding
>  that if you don't mind.
> Q: Is there any issue with naming the pages with ISO dates? ie Blog.20090407
I seem to recall that page names must start with an alpha character, so 
they can't be all numeric. I'm not 100% sure of that though -- perhaps 
someone else on-list can confirm.

BlogIt shouldn't care what the name is though. Although BlogIt does do 
some manipulation of the file name, adding hyphens, so maybe something 
is happening there. I'll take a look at that.

>    However, I noticed when I use a date name, the entry doesn't show up in 
>    the
>    recent entries list. Its visible in all of the other lists, just not the
>    recent entries. 
If you've changed the pagelist used to generate the blog list, then 
you'll need to also change the pagelist used in the sidebar which 
generates the "Recent Entries" list. So if you changed the name of the 
blog, or if you display a different 'Status' blog, then you'll need to 
update the sidebar pagelists appropriately.

> If I force a save of the config.php file, it shows up, not
>    sure why. I thought maybe I hadn't saved some change to config.php, but
>    that's not it. All I have to do is touch it, and magically the Blog.YYYYMMDD
>    entry shows up. What do you think?
I have no ideas here. Can you give me the steps you take, and what 
happens at each step?

> Q: Is there a way to make my entry names default to dates (Blog.YYYYMMDD, 
>    and Status[Publish] and Comment[Read Only]? Maybe even Blog.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS,
>    seems like I would want to be able to have more than one entry per day.
Not currently. I personally tend to steer away from date oriented blog 
titles as it's not generally meaningful to readers, it doesn't provide 
search engines with key tagging information, and the date is already 
stored as part of the blog entry anyway.

> Suggestion: I see on your BlogIt page you were looking for suggestions, the
>             only one I can think of is to add a [Cancel] next to all the
>             [Save] buttons on the various pages. As a user its always a 
>             bit weird when I decide I want to bail, but there is no [Cancel]
Agreed. I'll add this. I kept meaning to, but never got around to it.

> If you think there is anything I should add to this thread that may help the
> next rookie let me know. 
Most important is making sure we get this captured on the wiki! I've 
been updating it as I go based on your experience, but if you find 
something is still unclear feel free to update it.

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