[pmwiki-users] wikiform - search filter?

david david at roundell.com
Tue Aug 11 04:04:28 CDT 2009


i have a query regarding searching and not correctly filtering as i  
would like. i have locations called

and building one

if i search for building my results pull back building and building  
one. how can i correct this to only find building?

likewise when i have a rack location of

h1/abc/1 the search also returns results for h1/abc/11

i am using (:input form ...) which is pointing to a page where all  
entries are stored. the user is presented with input selects to help  
them in their search.

i have successfully tried renaming h1/abc/1 to h1/abc/01 and the  
search works fine. however in the case of building this does not work.

could a filter be applied in this case or should i reorganise my  
search criteria?

also a sidenote really but when I present a (:wikilist ...) how can i  
prevent the headers being linked? i would rather present the user with  
a list of options to sort the fields using radio buttons than the  
default way.



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