[pmwiki-users] PMWiki feature questions

Dan Bramall dan at iomi.net
Wed Aug 19 08:45:32 CDT 2009

Thanks for the information so far folks - I've had a look at the cookbook
suggestions for the various things and they go some way to answering my
queries, but my client wants definite yes/no answers on the following, and
at the moment I'm not 100% sure I can do these things:

1. They would like users to be able to easily geotag articles (e.g. by
entering their postcode when creating an article).  Other users should then
be able to view a Google map, with each entry plotted.  Is this possible?
If so, how?

2. Could there be three levels of users:
	1. Administrators - can do everything on the site, including
creating the other user types:
	2. Editors - can edit/create page content but must be invited to do
so by the client setting up individual log-ins for them
	3. Users - can register on the site to edit/create content

I've looked at the AuthUser documentation of PMWiki, but it seems to suggest
that if you create a group, each user of that group just has the same
log-in, so if one person needs to be blocked, you have to block the whole
group and then send out different passwords etc - is that right?  That
wouldn't be good, what we need is the ability for all users to have
individual log-in details but to be able to assign them to a particular

3. Could the different levels of users have their content displayed in
different colours?  E.g. Blue for administrators, red for editors and green
for users?  If so, how?

Thanks all!


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