[pmwiki-users] SimpleViewer example?

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Mon Aug 31 07:31:30 CDT 2009

Hello everybody,

I would love to use SimpleViewer on my pmwiki, and there luckily already 
is a recipe for this. However, I'm not quite capable of implementing 
this yet:

* First, I do not know how to set the options correctly - i.e. specify 
filename/path to the pictures or the SimpleViewer folder. It would 
probably be sufficient if someone could paste a piece of code that 
actually uses the (:swfgallery :) command - could somebody be so kind?

* Second, after I get this running in the first place, I'd like to 
overcome the additional complication of user access rights. 
Specifically, the webpage in question (private blog) is accessible only 
to people with a read password, and I would like to avoid placing the 
source image files in a publicly viewable folder. However, once 
authorized with the read password, the viewer should of course be able 
to see these pictures via the SimpleViewer applet...

Thank you for any help!


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