[pmwiki-users] PTVs in farmconfig.php

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Mon Aug 31 09:03:46 CDT 2009

Dear Patrick,

thanks a lot for your reply. Actually my code snippet is from  
Therefore, I'm a bit puzzled to see that it knocks out the  
authentification in the field.

I want to be able to let every field put some information, like in  
this example the name of a group using a form, which writes PTVs. The  
information entered, is used in many different places then. It worked  
fine in a single installation, but not in the farm yet. :-/

I'm curious if this might even be a security hole of pmwiki?!

Thanks a lot.


Am 30.08.2009 um 14:12 schrieb Patrick Ogay Evolution:

> I always use wikifarms.
> The common definitions and defaults I define in farmconfig.php. also  
> the
> most includes.
> You can define users by a wiki-field,
> it's possible to define also .htacces from SiteAdmin/AuthUsers  
> (which is
> local when edited and saved).
> for the default in the wikifarm I don't give a read access and allow  
> in
> some wikis the read access.
> IMO definitions in /local/config.php don't have a sideffect to "all"
> wikis.
> regards
> patrick Ogay
> On Son, 2009-08-30 at 10:02 +0200, Martin Kerz wrote:
>> I used to do the following in config.php on a single installation  
>> with
>> an existing Site.Konfiguration, which holds a PTV called  
>> "Gruppenname":
>> global $AiGroupName;
>> $AiGroupName=PageVar('Site.Konfiguration','$:Gruppenname');
>> $WikiTitle = "Amnesty International - $AiGroupName";
>> I recently switched the installation to a wikifarm. Now, this breaks
>> the authentification of the site, as anyone can edit all pages,  
>> when I
>> use the above commands in a farm configuration. Can anyone help me to
>> fix this?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Martion
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