[pmwiki-users] Include from multiple pages

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Feb 3 05:35:55 CST 2009

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 10:31:40 Simon wrote:
> Thanks for correcting my understanding.
> How about an option for the include that selects the include behaviour,
> eg extract from first only, or extract from all.

(:include:) markup is widely used and a change of how it works may potentially 
break an existing site. But if there is enough interest, I suspect this is 
doable by adding another markup, such as:
  (:include-all [include parameters]:)

> What I want to do is extract the first n lines from as many includes
> as it takes, eg
> (:include Page1#from1#to1 Page2#from2#to2 lines=12 :)

With the current PmWiki state, here is what I'd do.

If every page has different #fromX#toX sections, the only way is :
  (:include Page1#from1#to1 lines=12:)
  (:include Page2#from2#to2 lines=12:)
  (:include Page3#from3#to3 lines=12:)

If the section names are the same in every page, or if I want to include 12 
lines from the beginning, I can use a pagelist:

(:if false:)
(:include {=$FullName} lines=12:)
* [[Page1]]
* [[Page2]]
* [[Page3]]

(:pagelist trail={$FullName} fmt=#inc12:)


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