[pmwiki-users] Translation downloads updated

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Feb 2 04:23:25 CST 2009

Christian Bartolomaeus wrote:


>> another minor question: In the localized groups are pages dealing with
>> the translation itself, e.g. PmWikiDe/DiskussionUebersetzungen,
>> /ListeAllerSeiten, /Terminologie, /StandDerUebersetzung (and
>> /RecentChanges, of course).
>> Shall they be part of the i18n archives? I don't know whether ir's
>> worth the effort to exclude them.
>I would like to see those pages excluded. IMHO they are not relevant
>for local installations of PmWiki. I just checked and there are no

I just found that the PmWikiDe/StandDerUebersetzung is useful also in
a local installation because you get a list of English pages being in
the PmWiki _distribution_ but not in PmWikiDe.

The listing on pmwiki.org gives you a list of all pages in the PmWiki/
group of pmwiki.org, but many of these pages are not in the

Well, one can copy StandDerUebersetzung from pmwiki.org if he wants to
get the information, so it doesn't need to be in the i18n archive.

Besides this, what do you think about merging ListeAllerSeiten and
StandDerUebersetzung by adding the page name to the latter?

Then we just have 


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