[pmwiki-users] Translation downloads updated

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Feb 3 06:36:57 CST 2009

On Monday 02 February 2009 11:40:38 Oliver Betz wrote:
> >I can propose that the page DocumentationIndex serves as a wikitrail
> > listing all pages that should be in the doc download archive.
> If we do it, I consider a special page to be more secure and easier to
> maintain than DocumentationIndex.

I agree. How about a page Localization.PmWikiDe which will just have links to 
all pages that need to be included in the download? (And/or a pagelist).

The Localization/ group is inteded to coordinate translations.


> Do you think it's possible to enable pagelists in addition to manually
> entered page names?

Sure. However, if a newbie inadvertantly removes the Translation_Status code 
she does not understand, the page will not be in the pagelist, untill it is 

> In addition to the pages containing the variable, we needed only a
> handful of other pages, e.g. SideBar, GroupHeader, SandBox. So if we
> could have pagelist + manual entries, we had the ease of use,
> flexibility, safety all in one.


> BTW: How is it done for the PmWiki/ pages included in the
> distribution?

They are manually added to the svn repository, and manually checked for 
changes and updated. That's why they may be outdated, and I need to find some 
time to do it. Soon. :-)

> >We are considering creating a (public) recipe that could use ?action=zip
> > to send the current state of the documentation directly to the visitor,
> > and/or a
> It would be great if this recipe could be used to get a ZIP file of
> arbitrary pages, e.g. defined in a pagelist. Even better if one coud
> select whether to get the pages with or without history.

This should be possible.

> This would be a powerful archive tool for sites with no shell access
> and therefore unable to use rsync (unless PHP times out).

Currently brainstorming only, but it may be using the zip command so your PHP 
installation should be able to call external programs and not run in 


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