[pmwiki-users] Translation downloads updated

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Feb 2 04:40:38 CST 2009

Hello Petko,

thanks for the maintenance!

(which pages to include / exclude)

>I can propose that the page DocumentationIndex serves as a wikitrail listing 
>all pages that should be in the doc download archive. If you want a link 
>included in the archive, but not displayed in the DocumentationIndex, use
>  (:if false:)
>  * [[Page]] 
>  (:if:)

I'm not sure whether it's worth the effort in the case of the German
pages since there are only five or four "administrative" pages.

On the other hand, a list of pages to be included in the archive would
give safety against including irrelevant pages, e.g. created by
inexperienced users.

If we do it, I consider a special page to be more secure and easier to
maintain than DocumentationIndex.

Do you think it's possible to enable pagelists in addition to manually
entered page names?

Then a special page text variable could qualify a page to be included
in the i18n archive. In case of the German pages, Translation_Status
is already used (and therefore maintained) by the translators.

In addition to the pages containing the variable, we needed only a
handful of other pages, e.g. SideBar, GroupHeader, SandBox. So if we
could have pagelist + manual entries, we had the ease of use,
flexibility, safety all in one.

BTW: How is it done for the PmWiki/ pages included in the


>> It would be nice to have a clean SandBox in the distributed archive.
>Please clean the WikiSandbox placing the default text, and I'll add it to the 
>list to be automatically restored every 15 min like PmWiki.WikiSandbox.

currently it's cleaned. Else revert to the version from today morning.


>We are considering creating a (public) recipe that could use ?action=zip to 
>send the current state of the documentation directly to the visitor, and/or a 

It would be great if this recipe could be used to get a ZIP file of
arbitrary pages, e.g. defined in a pagelist. Even better if one coud
select whether to get the pages with or without history.

This would be a powerful archive tool for sites with no shell access
and therefore unable to use rsync (unless PHP times out).


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