[pmwiki-users] Title and PTV undesired behaviour

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Wed Feb 4 01:37:19 CST 2009

Kathryn Andersen wrote:


>However, I do think that (:title :) is a different case entirely.
>Rather than being a general variable, it has a specific meaning: it is
>the title of the page.  To a naive user, the title of a page goes at the



>So whether or not PTVs should be "first wins" or "last wins" I STRONGLY
>support the idea of making the (:title :) directive "first wins".

As I wrote yesterday in the parallel thread "(:title:) of (:include:)
included pages overrides page title", I think the question has to be
extended to the handling of included text: GroupFooter/GroupHeader and
explicit (:include:).

IMO a (:title:) directive in a page should always have priority.

(:title:) directives from GroupFooter and GroupHeader should be used
only if the page itself has no (:title:) directive, this way the user
can override the GroupFooter/GroupHeader setting if desired.

Whether (:title:) directives from (:include:) should be processed
should be configurable, either by markup or in a php configuration
file. IMO the default should be "don't process title from
(:include:)", but there _might_ be people using it currently.

When the above is implemented, the question whether the first or the
last (:title:) "wins" is less relevant, because you shouldn't put more
than one title directive in your pages, correct?

>I also am really reluctant for (:title :) to be replaced by a Title: PTV
>for several reasons:
>1) the argument above, that people expect a page-title to be different
>from a common variable - it has semantic baggage.
>2) Whatever is used to define the title of a page has to be treated
>differently from a normal PTV anyway, because it has to be used to set
>the <title> HTML in the page, which needs to be processed earlier (I

...and more.

I fully agree.


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