[pmwiki-users] Is there a way to override browser cache?

Radu Luchian radu at monicsoft.net
Thu Feb 5 14:21:36 CST 2009

If you mean that the *pages* you modify are cached by your browser, change
browser options in
IE:Tools:Internet Options, under Temporary files click Settings..., then
select Every time.

Or, to make it clear for every browser, if (and only while) most of your
wiki pages are changing very often, add in the skin file you are using,
somewhere in the HEAD section:

<meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" />
(or change a possibly existing similar line from "cache" to "no-cache")

However, if you mean the *uploads* are being cached, that's tougher, and may
be addressed by adding some pragma or cache directives as described at
, in the HTTP headers of the HandleDownload function that you can copy from
scripts/uploads.php and put in a cookbook recipe or in a config file.

A quick look at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Uploads
did not suggest any existing recipe for this - though I may be wrong :)

$EnableIMSCaching, as the comment below states, does not address uploads,
but only pages.


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Launa Morris <natwire76 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have to delete all temp files to view new versions of uploads.
> I have this problem in both IE7 and FireFox(3.0.5).
> My config file is set up as:
> ##  By default, PmWiki doesn't allow browsers to cache pages.  Setting
> ##  $EnableIMSCaching=1; will re-enable browser caches in a somewhat
> ##  smart manner.  Note that you may want to have caching disabled while
> ##  adjusting configuration files or layout templates.
> # $EnableIMSCaching = 1;                   # allow browser caching
> Is there a way to turn off browser caching of uploads?
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