[pmwiki-users] Turbo powered pagelists

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Feb 6 01:08:00 CST 2009

Just like winter tires can greatly enhance driving and car performance
in case of ice and snow, so I am thinking about a way to let pagelists
face the bottleneck of a great number of pages, by simply plugging-in
an extra tool, something which does not change the way the whole
system works, but only aids in some particular case. An example of
such 'loose' tools could be caches, which can be enabled/disabled at

The issue here is that pagelists take an enormous amount of time to
render a list of pages, given some criteria.

My first thought is an sqlite database because a) it comes by default
and at no cost with php5 b) it is just one file, so it is somehow kin
to the 'simple files' philosophy of pmwiki c) is very fast when
reading so it might fit the pagelit issue which is basically a reading
tool. In other words, I see no particular problem if one sets up a
pagelist which involves thousands of pages and has to wait a little
while the *first* setting/table/whatever is built into sqlite. Then,
any user hitting that pagelist page will have an enhanced experience
on obtaining superfast listings.

The fun here is that I personally do *not* have tha faintest idea of
anything technical behind the tools I just wrote about :-)
Nevertheless I could, as a mere user, see the limits and at the same
time the greatness of pagelist, and simply fancy a way to let them
boast the use and flexibility of pmwiki.

How this whole request make sense, is something that I let others to judge :-)


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