[pmwiki-users] Turbo powered pagelists

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Feb 6 08:56:08 CST 2009

> with different page stores (flat files, sqlite, others?)

I am not sure that I meant a change of page store.
Actually, keeping the standard way of storing pages into files is
generally a nice (reassuring?) thing.

What if there is a way to delegate sqlite to retrieve just the
relevant data for pagelists?
Could such an engine (just to throw an idea) be based on a custom
variation of recent Eemeli's PageTopStore, where the second copy of
the pagelist-involved pages are kept (just the required parts of them,
that is) into sqlite?

So, in case I set up a simple 'sqlitepagelist' like this one

   (:sqlitepagelist group=Group $:Birthday=- list=normal fmt=#pippo:)
   (:if false:)
   [[Group/{=$Name}]] - {(ftime fmt="%F" when="{{=$FullName}$:Birthday}")}

the 'sqlitepagelist' engine gathers the involved data and fills the
database. Any future modification to certain pages will just need an
update of the specific records, and not the whole set.
So, any read access is directly made through the database, which is
certainly much faster and lighter than going the traditional way.

Really, how funny it is to write something about which I know and
understand less than nothing!

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